Migrating to The Cloud - Direct Provider VS. Cloud Service Brokerage

The cloud is an excellent alternative to an abundance of expensive and complicated on-premises solutions; however, it is far from a simple turnkey experience. Getting the most out of your cloud solution requires finding the right provider, plan, and configuration for your enterprise.

For many enterprises entering the cloud space on their own, they rely heavily on their in-house IT department to apply local solutions to cloud problems. This process doesn't always pave the way for a fully optimized and properly configured cloud deployment.



Setting up a cloud network is a daunting and often an overwhelming task! Get expert advice on migrating for the first time.

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Who is DoubleHorn?

Doublehorn Cloud Service Brokers

DoubleHorn is a leading Cloud Services Broker and technology solutions company. Born from an eagerness to stay ahead of the technology curve, our clients have trusted us to navigate their critical technology decisions since 2005. With the development of our innovative cloud brokerage and management platform, our clients can manage all aspects of their cloud accounts across providers. Make sure to also check out LiftrNews.com. Liftr is dedicated to giving an unbiased, platform-agnostic perspective on the cloud backed up by big data in the form of our proprietary industry index, the Liftr Index.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

BERNARD LUKSICH Testimonial for EBQ Pardot Services and Training

The DoubleHorn Support Team is a standout in the industry. They took their time and helped us through a very complex and frustrating issue. We went through a number of twists and turns on our side and the DoubleHorn team was there guiding us every step of the way. Their ideas during this troubleshooting effort were well thought out and very helpful on our end. Thanks again for the great support!

BERNARD LUKSICH, Executive Director, Mehta Family Foundation

At DoubleHorn, we’re ready to assist you with every part of your cloud journey. Whether it’s a small project or complete cloud migration, we’ll help you plan, measure, deploy and operate, keeping you within budget from start to finish.

As the CEO of Emancipet, I am excited by the value DoubleHorn brings to our important work to provide affordable spay, neuter and basic veterinary services. I’m especially impressed with the personal attention Tab provides and the manner in which his staff goes above and beyond to understand our current systems. I look forward to continuing work with the DoubleHorn team to create a cloud-based system to support my staff with their important work.

AMY MILLS , CEO, Emancipet